Problems with Mufflers and Exhausts

Do you hear a strange noise coming from your exhaust? Is there an unnatural vibration on your steering wheel? These are signs that there may be an issue with your muffler and exhaust. If you have a leak or a clog, you could be causing damage to your engine or even causing carbon monoxide to get into your cabin. These issues can be prevented with a bit of maintenance and care.

One of the biggest issues with mufflers is noise. A loud rattling sound may signal that the muffler or exhaust is damaged in some way. In addition, you can get a ticket for an extra loud muffler. It's important to address these issues immediately. Vibrations are also another indicator that there is something wrong with your vehicle. If you have vibrations that are extremely song, it could be difficult to control your vehicle while driving.

You can prevent major issues from developing from a damaged muffler or leaking exhaust by talking to a mechanic. Speak to the service department at Orange County BMW located in Harriman, NY for more information.
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