DIY Headlight Cleaning Methods

Your vehicle’s headlights are the first line of defense with the elements and debris. They will naturally lose their effectiveness if not kept clean. If you’ve noticed that your lights don’t seem as bright as they used to, it’s time to clean them. There are a couple of alternatives for you to try.

The first approach is to use a little toothpaste with warm water on a cloth. Simply scrub the lenses and rinse them off with a clean cloth. You might need to repeat cleaning a couple of times depending on how dirty the lenses are.

If toothpaste didn’t work like you wanted, you can spray a little insect repellent with DEET onto a clean cloth and wipe down the lenses with that. This takes extra caution, as the spray will remove your vehicle’s paint. When you’re done cleaning, use a clean cloth to wipe away excess dirt.

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