BMW Models Make for a Luxury Driving Experience that Competitors Can’t Match

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The luxury car categories, from sporty coupes to spacious three-row SUVs, have seen a lot of growth over the past couple of years as mainstays like Audi and Mercedes-Benz have come out with redesigned models, and other manufacturers like Jaguar and Alfa Romeo have diversified their offerings, but they're all still chasing one brand: BMW.

The BMW badge has long guaranteed a ride that adapts to each trip as the driver looks for something new, so your Saturday thrill ride is exhilarating, your Sunday cruise leisurely, and your Monday morning commute convenient.

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Problems with Mufflers and Exhausts

Do you hear a strange noise coming from your exhaust? Is there an unnatural vibration on your steering wheel? These are signs that there may be an issue with your muffler and exhaust. If you have a leak or a clog, you could be causing damage to your engine or even causing carbon monoxide to get into your cabin. These issues can be prevented with a bit of maintenance and care.

One of the biggest issues with mufflers is noise. A loud rattling sound may signal that the muffler or exhaust is damaged in some way. In addition, you can…
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Importance of Clean Cabin & Engine Air Filters

​There are a number of air filters in your vehicle that are working hard to ensure the cleanest possible air gets in the motor and the cabin. Here is why clean air filters are important to your vehicle.

The cabin air filters help to maintain optimal interior air quality. These filters are filtering out mold spores, allergens, and the like, all in an effort to ensure the air quality for driver and passengers is ideal.

The engine air filters have the difficult job of making certain no dust or dirt can get to the moving parts of the engine. Once…
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Motor Oil Myths You Need to Stop Believing

When you are talking to people all around Harriman you are probably going to hear about one myth or another when it comes to motor oil that has just been accepted as fact. For instance, did you know that the "W" on a bottle of oil doesn't stand for weight? It turns out that W is for winter. In other words, the package of oil is telling you how viscous that blend is going to be in cold weather.

Another myth is that engine oil that is black has to be changed. It turns out that while changing this…
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How to Jump-Start Another Car

It’s a practical idea to keep a set of jumper cables in your car’s trunk with the rest of the emergency kit. They don’t take much room and are an inexpensive addition. Jump-starting a vehicle may take a little practice and basic understanding, but it’s a straightforward process from there. You need to realize that each end of the cable has a positive and a negative clamp. Once you’ve started connecting the cables to the batteries, be careful not to touch another metal surface.

Begin with connecting the positive cable first to the dead battery…

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DIY Headlight Cleaning Methods

Your vehicle’s headlights are the first line of defense with the elements and debris. They will naturally lose their effectiveness if not kept clean. If you’ve noticed that your lights don’t seem as bright as they used to, it’s time to clean them. There are a couple of alternatives for you to try.

The first approach is to use a little toothpaste with warm water on a cloth. Simply scrub the lenses and rinse them off with a clean cloth. You might need to repeat cleaning a couple of times depending on how dirty the lenses…

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Important Roadside Emergency Tips to Keep Safe

Knowing tips to utilize in case of a roadside emergency can help to keep you and your passengers safer. These tips are simple to implement when the time is right. If you experience any blowout while driving, ride the rim as long as it takes to get the entire car off to the side of the road.

When you are waiting for the police to arrive, stay with the car and do not interact with strangers. Stay inside the locked car and talk through an opening in your window to stay safe. 

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